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I am a Singer/Musician in the malayalam music Industry. I am proud to write here that I was one among the five singers of the millenium introduced by Shri G.Devarajan. I am into malayalam film music, light songs, stage shows & classical concerts

Sunday, October 26, 2008


ചന്ദ്രികാ രാവ് പോലും.....

With Gayathri




divya said...


I am a visitor of your blog. I wanted your help actually. I am now residing in Japan. My name is Divya, Hope you can help me with this trouble....think so after I saw ur blog..

Before that, I should say u have proved yourself a good admirer and trend setter in music ; very evident from your blog. All the songs in ur blog were really good. Hats off and all the best to your hard work and musicloving mind.

The help that i wanted from u is like.. I am also a singer. Now it is 1 yr since i ahve been in japan. As all the non residents say, I am also having nostalgic memories about my homeland and wish I cud reach there soon.. Synonimously, I am also an ardent listener of music, have a good collection of ,my songs, most f them in malayalam. I would like to record some and create my own blog. But I dint get the apt recording tools and all.... I searched a lot in the internet but to my dismay It wudnt help me at all.. I downloaded NCH recordpad and tried with that. But I cudnt here my voice at all...I dont knw if I had used the wrong connection of micro and other gadgets.. Please advice me about the software, The arrangenents I shud make, and everything regarding the recording to be done at home with the PC.

I hope you can help me .....
Waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance


vijesh said...

Hai Divya,
Sorry for the late reply..Infact I was a little busy..Anyway Happy New Year...Wt you do in Japan..Who all are with you...I mean like to know more about you..and thank you very much for your compliments..Keep supporting me...
Happy to know that you are also a singer...Actually, you know I am a professional singer so i am posting my recordings with the help of my frnd sneha...Thats all...But i dont know anything about the rec softwares available in the net...but still professional softwares, i will suggest NUENDO...If you can send your address to vijeshgopal@gmail.com i will send it to you via courier service..I dont think it can be send through e-mail b.coz of the size of the file...So keep singing...Keep in touch...Vijesh

divya said...

Dear Vijesh,

Happy to see ur reply.. I aam here with my husband. He is workin here. I was also workin in TVM. Here I am serachin for jobs. Now, Are u telling u will send me the software by postal courier? Oh, then I should say a big Thank you for taht.

Good to hear that u r a professional singer. Good luck for all ur endevours. ANd u r very lucky to get a friend like Sneha who helps in organizing and managing ur blog and comments.

If you can send me the software tehn thanks ...

Keep singin..
Bye take care